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Third edition of the Working Day sessions on the prevention of forest fires in Toledo "New technologies in the management of the phenomenon of forest fires"

Working Day sessions in Toledo regarding new technologies in the management of the phenomenon of forest fires.


Third edition of the Technical Working Days on Forest Fires that took place on 16 and 17 November in Toledo, organised by the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha, the Fundación Pau Costa and Red Eléctrica.

In this edition, the Working Days have focussed the debate on the New Technologies in the Management of the Phenomenon of Forest Fires, an area that opens new challenges and great possibilities in cartography, remote detection, health, safety, simulations or training of the teams. It has also served to highlight the interest that this collaborative forum has caused among professionals of the sector and which has helped to consolidate these Working Days, in its third edition, as a reference of national interest for the people in the sector and other operators who take part in it.

About 500 people participated in the seminar in person, plus another 2000 by means of its online format, which indicates the interest of the sector for training on matters which have an impact on them.

Thus, this debate forum, which was carried out over two days in the Regional Administration School, brings together in Toledo professionals in the field of the prevention and fightfighting of forest fires from all over Spain and a significant group of national and international speakers.