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Since 2013

Training in the Canary Islands

Training sessions regarding fire prevention and safety in high voltage installations.

Red Eléctrica contributes to training State Safety Forces and Brigades, and members of other public services on safety matters in electrical installations and fire prevention by organising specific sessions.

Red Eléctrica collaborated in 2019 with the environmental department of the Island Government of La Palma to promote training sessions for its personnel in the areas of research and safety in the extinction of forest fires, as part of its annual programme of actions with the Environmental and Emergency Service of the Government of La Palma.

More than 140 workers took part in the training sessions held in the last fortnight of September and throughout October. They were trained in advanced intervention techniques and protocols along with courses about the electrical lines and bird life and skills development.

The training team was made up of an expert in safety in forest fires and a psychologist to reinforce their knowledge, attitudes and skills for teamwork and stress management