Geographic scope
  • Madrid, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands

Annual Red Eléctrica programme

Visits to the Electricity Control Centres

Programme for the dissemination of knowledge regarding Red Eléctrica’s management and operation of the Spanish electricity system.

Red Eléctrica has an annual programme of activities geared towards conveying knowledge and experience in the operation of the national electricity system and the management of the power transmission grid, with particular emphasis on the integration of renewable energies.

One of these activities is organisation of visits to both the National Electricity Control Centre (Cecoel), from where real-time operation and coordinated supervision of the generating and transmission facilities for the electricity system throughout the country is performed, and to the Control Centre for Renewable Energies (Cecre), a pioneering centre and world reference in supervision and control of renewable energies.

In 2019, there were a total of 154 visits, during which 1,456 people were shown Cecoel and Cecre.

Of the 1,456 visitors, 871 were from institutions (domestic and international), while the rest were students in training sessions.

Red Eléctrica also organises visits to the control centres the company has on the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands for real-time supervision of the island systems. There were 24 visitors to the island centres in 2019, all of them were institutional visitors.