Annual report 2013

This report presents a summary of the activities carried out in 2013. This is the sixth consecutive year that Red Eléctrica has published in this format - for two reasons. First, to improve communications with our stakeholders by displaying, in a simple summary, the key commitments and results of Red Eléctrica’s corporate responsibility policy at the economic, social and environmental levels; and, secondly, to apply our policy of reducing the impact on the environment by printing fewer reports on paper.


Publication Date
Annual report 2013. Summary (PDF - 10.51 MB) Download
Corporate responsibility report 2013 (PDF - 21.69 MB) Download
Corporate gobernance report 2013 (PDF - 12.24 MB) Download
Corporate gobernance report 2013 (PDF - 7.34 MB) Download
Consolidated annual accounts 2013 (PDF - 3.58 MB) Download