Redeia is one of the 11 Ibex 35 companies that the Haz Foundation has recognized for its fiscal responsibility
  • The Group has the “t for transparent ***” seal, which confirms maximum transparency

Redeia is one of the 11 Ibex 35 companies to get the Haz Foundation's first seal of fiscal transparency, which recognizes companies’ governance systems and transparency practices to prevent tax risks.

The company has earned the "t for transparent ***" seal, which attests to maximum transparency and acknowledges the group's efforts to publish and communicate its relevant information so that it is available and accessible to all our stakeholders in full and updated form.

Since it also received the highest score in 2019 and 2020, as can be seen in the Commitment and Transparency 2021 report, it is thus positioned at the top of the Ibex 35 for transparency on fiscal responsibility for the third consecutive year.

This seal of transparency, according to the Foundation, focuses the debate on fiscal responsibility where it belongs: On whether the company has an effective governance system that promotes fiscal responsibility. The indicators do not just examine the company's tax contribution. Their goal involves evaluating internal procedures, oversight and accountability systems, and, especially, the relationship between enterprises and the Tax Administration.

The Haz Foundation specifically considers compliance with the Spanish Tax Agency's (AEAT, in Spanish) Code of Good Tax Practices, the publication of taxes paid in the countries where it conducts business and public information on other matters like presence in tax havens, combating money laundering, reporting channels, compliance, and audits.