Redeia and Popular Universities create Hémera, the Digital School for the Energy Transition
  • The aim of this free training space, a pioneer in Spain, is to empower citizens as protagonists of the new energy model
  • It starts with a course on renewable energies and self-consumption, with contents such as the NECP, climate change, and clean energies, among others

Redeia (formerly Red Eléctrica Group) and the Spanish Federation of Popular Universities (FEUP) have created Hémera, the Digital School for the Energy Transition, a free training centre pioneering in Spain to empower citizens as protagonists of the new energy model and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage it.

"This is a historic opportunity to build a sustainable, ecological, connected, fair, and inclusive future. And Hémera will be a key tool on this journey because it will raise awareness among the population on the need for the energy transition and the opportunities it offers, while also providing them with basic training to develop their own electricity generation and social innovation projects," stated Beatriz Corredor, chairwoman of Redeia.

Monica Calurano, president of the FEUP, pointed out that "Hémera helps us move towards a decentralised energy model. With it, Popular Universities take on the challenge of leading the ecological and energy transition with the aim of building a greener and more sustainable world, making citizens the protagonists of this historic change."

Hémera begins its journey with an introductory course on renewable energies and self-consumption developed with the collaboration of EnerAgen, the Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies, and with contents on self-consumption, how to go from being a consumer to a prosumer, the integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, the new energy paradigm, climate change, SDGs, and clean energies. 
In addition, through a network composed of 500 Popular Universities, Hémera carries out further training and awareness-raising activities throughout Spain on the need for a new energy model based on decarbonisation and the massive penetration of renewables, innovation, and technology, and the central role of citizens in the ecological transition.

Hémera represents the first phase of a more ambitious collective intelligence project that will create "Energy_Hubs," laboratories where citizens, organisations, and institutions will design and create prototypes of innovative projects related to the green and circular economies.