Launch of the IV edition of Holapueblo
Holapueblo seeks municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants to increase their population and reactivate their economy
  • Redeia, AlmaNatura, and IKEA announce a new call for Holapueblo, which has so far led 34 towns to increase their population: 133 people (51 families) have settled in them and started 30 businesses 
  • On Tuesday, September 26, Holapueblo will hold an online meeting to present the new edition to potential municipalities. Registration is open until October 8

Holapueblo, the platform fighting rural depopulation, launches its IV edition to find municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants in order to help them increase their population. This initiative collaborates with city councils by connecting them with potential residents who want to live and start a business in rural Spain. Therefore, it generates economic activity, employment, and wealth.

Redeia, AlmaNatura, and IKEA, drive the initiative with the aim of launching this new edition to continue creating value for rural areas in Spain. Since its origins, Holapueblo has shown how it can boost rural communities and revitalise towns facing depopulation. In the three previous editions, 133 individuals from 51 families made their homes in 34 municipalities. Furthermore, they contributed to the creation of 30 new businesses in different sectors, including rural accommodation, bakeries, craft workshops, and services for the elderly. This has had a significant impact on the 34 localities, which previously faced depopulation and the loss of basic services. 

Additionally, as part of the Proyecto Reactivadores (Reactivator project), the platform has reclaimed two local spaces that were unused in two participating municipalities, Almedina (Ciudad Real) and Jaraba (Zaragoza), creating a coworking space and renovating the cultural centre, respectively.

‘We have always heard that opportunities in villages are scarce. Even if it is true that there are not plenty of them, existing opportunities are not frequently considered. Therefore, there is indeed a wide margin for entrepreneurs to build a promising future in our towns. The Holapueblo program is a fascinating initiative that highlights what we can offer to those entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves here. We will undoubtedly participate in this IV edition, with the hope that some families can develop their life projects here,’ says Roberto Castro González, deputy mayor of Ribas de Sil (Lugo), a municipality participating in Holapueblo for the second time. 

Holapueblo will seek solutions to address homelessness in rural areas

This IV edition is open to municipalities concerned with rural development and seeking new residents to make a positive impact on their territory. Holapueblo offers them the opportunity to connect with individuals who want to settle in rural areas, contribute to their communities, and start new projects. Interested municipalities can register until October 8 through this link.

As a key innovation, the IV edition will conduct a comprehensive research into ongoing initiatives and successful cases addressing the challenge of access to housing in rural areas. The goal is to provide a roadmap to help city councils establish or enhance housing initiatives in their towns.

The IV edition will be presented online on September 26 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. It will provide municipalities with a detailed overview of the comprehensive resources that Holapueblo offers. Registration for the presentation event can be submitted through the following link: