Among the various activities carried out noteworthy are the following:

Voluntariado corporativo
Activity Results

'A Smile for Christmas' Campaign
  • Red Eléctrica has participated in the campaign of collecting toys ‘A Smile for Christmas’, that Cooperación Internacional carries out every year. This solidarity initiative aims to send a Christmas gift to thousands of children in situations of vulnerability throughout Spain. The generous response of the employees contributed to beat a record number which raised many smiles nationwide through the collaboration of social entities.
Companies Solidarity Day (DSE)
  • This initiative aims to promote and facilitate the social participation of companies through corporate volunteering as a powerful tool for social transformation. In this tenth edition of the DSE, employees from the Madrid head offices shared breakfasts with people who have no resources and/or are homeless. Additionally, volunteers from the Seville office helped in a social soup kitchen.
Charity races
  • Corporate volunteering group has continued supporting several NGOs through sport activities and more specifically with the participation in charity races to raise funds for various causes, such as the Challenge Interempresas or the Popular Heart Race. In the case of the Intercompany Challenge for Action against Hunger, Red Eléctrica employees ran in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao to fight child malnutrition. The kilometres covered by Company volunteers translated into a total of 3,825 days of therapeutic nutritional treatment received by children from disadvantaged populations.

Solidarity concert
  • Charity concert in 2015 to raise funds to help Syrians who are in refugee camps in Jordan. The funds collected amounted to 11,057 euros and were delivered to Jordan Messengers of Peace.
Operation kilo-litre campaign
  • Collection of food in Red Eléctrica work centres. In 2013 over 4,500 kilos were collected and were distributed to various food banks. In 2014, over 5,000 kilos were collected and were distributed to various food banks. In 2015 A total of 7,510 kilos and litres of foodstuffs were collected in the campaign.

Solidarity caps collection campaign
  • Collection of caps (plastic tops from bottles and containers) aimed at raising funds for medical research and treatment.
Fair Trade Campaign
  • Organisation of a Fair Trade market at Red Eléctrica offices in collaboration with the development organization SETEM.
Charity Auction
  • Launched in 2010, this initiative aims to raise funds to help children and young people with disabilities in the care of the Fundación Apsuria (Madrid).
Swimming for Maiti Nepal
  • With the proceeds collected from this initiative, activities of the orphanage of this Nepalese NGO were funded.
The corporate volunteering group of Red Eléctrica set up in 2005 with the aim of extending the social action of the Company through the promotion and strengthening of the collaboration of employees in solidarity activities that respond to social and environmental needs, problems and interests.