To this end, the Company carries out an extensive outreach programme targeted to the different stakeholder groups, as a key tool to make information available on the functioning, needs, and challenges of the electricity system, as well as information on smart grids, renewable energy and the rational use of energy.

With these actions the Company creates shared value, positioning itself as a key player in the electricity system that promotes social awareness regarding the sustainability of the energy model, the culture of efficiency and the integration of renewable energies.

Visits to Red Eléctrica facilities. The Company organises an annual plan of visits to its facilities intended to convey the Company’s knowledge and experience in the operation of the national electricity system and the management of the transmission grid, with particular emphasis on the integration of renewable energies.

Support for education and training. Red Eléctrica collaborates with universities, educational organisations and government agencies in order to support education and training through participation on courses regarding the functioning of the electricity system, as well as on energy efficiency, smart grids and renewable energy, among others.

Organisation and participation in informative sessions. Red Eléctrica annually holds informative sessions on fire prevention and safety in high voltage facilities aimed at State Law Enforcement Forces, which include not only practical exercises in electricity substations but also lectures. Also Red Eléctrica participates in forums and conferences to disseminate their knowledge regarding the electricity system and energy sustainability.

The exhibition ‘A highway behind the wall socket’. Red Eléctrica has an interactive exhibition aimed at disseminating information on the functioning of the Spanish electricity system and raising public awareness regarding efficient and responsible consumption. Since 2010, it has visited eight Spanish cities and has been visited by over 440,000 visitors. In 2017, the exhibition can be visited at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, within the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

Red Eléctrica is committed to the dissemination of knowledge regarding the electricity system and its overall functioning as it understands that a well-informed society is better able to choose a sustainable energy model and hence, be able to develop and maintain it in societies of the future.