• Our employment policy ensures compliance with current legislation and is based on principles such as transparency and objectivity, equality and non-discrimination, stability, and a selection process based on the qualifications and competence of candidates.

  • We are convinced that the professional development of people is one of the most important strategies of growth and differentiation; therefore, we maintain a firm commitment to training and the development of knowledge and skills as tools for continuous improvement and professional excellence.

  • Our remuneration system is based on criteria of equality, non-discrimination, transparency and recognition.

  • We support the balance between the work and personal lives of everyone at Red Eléctrica, because we know that the work-life balance is a key factor that contributes positively to job satisfaction.

  • We promote equal opportunities, the integration of people with disabilities, respect for diversity and non-discrimination in all activities related to the management of people.

  • Our commitment to occupational health and safety in the workplace goes beyond the mere compliance with current legislation to become a strategic value that affects the entire organisation.

Work with us

Red Eléctrica ranks amongst the best companies to work for in Spain according to the results of the latest ‘mercoPERSONAS’ annual survey: a study carried out by the evaluation of the 100 companies with the best corporate reputation in the annual ranking of the Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor (MERCOSUR). In addition, we are one of the 24 members of the ‘Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad’, association of large companies committed to sustainable growth.

Our professionals are one of the Company's strategic assets. According to Red Eléctrica’s values, the management of employees is addressed in a socially responsible manner. How do we do it?