Red Eléctrica backs the electric vehicle

The energy and environmental challenges our society currently faces have shown the importance of developing electric mobility as the new form of transport, as it represents an excellent opportunity for our country to reduce its high energy dependency on petroleum and to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, in addition to contributing to improve air quality and to take advantage of energies of a renewable origin which already represent 26% of electricity generation and that in 2020 will represent 40%.

The electric vehicle will be a new energy consumer which, nevertheless, can become an ally for a more efficient operation of the system, reducing the great differences which occur between the peak hours of high electricity consumption and valley hours of low electricity consumption and facilitating the integration of renewable energies.

The backing of Red Eléctrica for electric vehicles is reflected in its active participation in different working groups and projects, as well as in initiatives such as the installation of recharging points in its facilities.

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