Raquel Rodríguez: “Technology has enabled professional differences between men and women to be reduced”

Raquel Rodríguez, who began her career at Red Eléctrica in 2006 was one of the first women to carry out maintenance tasks on telecommunications equipment in substations, is convinced that: "technology has enabled professional differences between men and women to be reduced" because "in front of a laptop, we are all the same."


"I may not have the same strength in my fingers as a man to pull the telecommunication cables I used to work with, but with screwdrivers and other tools I can do my job just like any man." Raquel Rodríguez, protection and remote-control technical expert in substations in the Central area, thus defines some of the few differences she sees today when doing more manual work, traditionally reserved for males.

She is part of a group of women who joined a work environment where others had already opened the door. And that shows. "Things are much easier now," says Raquel, "even when doing field work" because sometimes it's more "a generational issue than a gender issue."

Raquel feels that being a woman has never been a limitation in her professional career, even when she was pregnant: “The worst thing I had to face during that time was driving, but the same thing would have happened to me in an office job” because in the end, the work has to be done regardless of the situation, whether you are male or female, "without wasting time on silly things."

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