Female pioneers in Red Eléctrica
Five stories that paved the way for gender equality

In 1929, Pilar Careaga became the first woman to obtain a degree in industrial engineering in Spain. Seven years later, in 1936, Federica Montseny would be the first woman in the country’s history to be appointed as a Cabinet minister in the Government. Fifty years later, in 1985, Paulina Beato became the first woman in Spain to head up a company in the energy sector - the recently established Red Eléctrica.

According to the Women's Institute, 31.4% of students enrolled in Spain in STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are women. Although steps have been taken in the right direction, there is still a way to go even though it is now commonplace to find female Cabinet ministers in the Government.

Pilar, Federica and Paulina can be separated by social and cultural differences, but they have one thing in common, they were all women who broke the mould when taking on roles that were traditionally attributed to men.

Like them, Eva, Ana, Elena, María Jesús, Almudena and Raquel have been pioneers in Red Eléctrica and have taken on roles traditionally reserved for men. Some are engineers; others are not. Some have been in the Company for more than 30 years, others much less. Some of them are mothers, others are not. All of them are united due to the fact they are women and pioneers in a professional environment traditionally dominated by men. These are their stories. The stories of professionals who have paved the way for gender equality in the Company.