For the whole of Spain
Red Eléctrica publishes the new access capacities of the transmission grid for future power generation facilities
  • Also today, the procedure associated with the processing of grid access and connection requests resumes pursuant to the new regulation and in accordance with the available capacities per grid node. 
  • As an innovative element, in addition to power generation facilities (renewable or conventional), the regulation includes the possibility of connecting energy storage systems and facilities that combine two or more technologies (hybrid facilities).

Red Eléctrica de España (REE), as system operator and manager of the high-voltage transmission grid, this morning has begun publishing the new access capacity of the grid nodes that make up the transmission grid and that will enable the connection of future generation facilities. This new capacity is the result of applying the new calculation methodology established by CNMC Circular 1/2021 of 20 January and its regulatory development, detailed on the Company's website (only available in Spanish).

The information, which will be updated on a monthly basis, is particularly relevant for connecting new renewable generation to transmission grid nodes with available capacity and thus facilitate the ecological transition in Spain. 

The published access capacity, the maximum power that new electricity generation facilities can inject into the grid, considers technical aspects of the operation of the electricity system that are necessary in order to integrate as much renewable generation as possible in a safe and reliable manner.

Today also sees the resumption of the management of new requests for access and connection to the grid following the end of the moratorium that has been in force until now. In this regard, Red Eléctrica has made a new online system available to all developers for processing these requests through its Customer Services Portal (currently only available in Spanish).

The Company, in an effort to showcase its transparency and responsibility towards all agents involved, organised an online meeting on 25 June to present the new guidelines and informative documentation available, with more than 1,400 people following the event online. 

Red Eléctrica de España continues, albeit within a new regulatory framework, to objectively fulfil its role in the management of the process linked to granting third-party access and connection to the grid by providing information in a clear and simple manner to interested parties. 


More renewables for a 'greener' future

The commissioning of new renewable generation facilities is essential to increase the production capacity of green, inexhaustible and environmentally responsible energy, reduce Spain's dependence on more expensive and polluting fossil fuels and improve air quality thanks to electricity generation with lower greenhouse gas emissions.