At the Science Park
The exhibition “Connected to the future: the energy transition” arrives in Granada

Redeia’s exhibition arrives in Granada to show the green and digital transformation that our country is undergoing in an educational way and for all audiences.

The exhibition has a tour of five modules that brings visitors closer to the ecological transition in an interactive and digital way, thanks to a program that includes multiple tests consisting of games, experiments, and even an escape room.


The Science Park of Granada is hosting Redeia's traveling exhibition “Connected to the future: the energy transition,” a brand-new interactive experience designed to promote knowledge of the energy transition and the active role that consumers will play as protagonists of the energy model of the future. Jorge Jiménez, Redeia’s delegate in Andalusia, and Luis Alcalá, the managing director of the Science Park Consortium, both attended the presentation this morning.

With an analogical and digital approach, the exhibition offers a journey through many stages in which the visitor becomes the protagonist in several tests consisting of games, experiments, and even an escape room. Participants can enjoy a full immersion into the worlds of energy and telecommunications, which are crucial to the two great transformations that our country is going through: the ecological transition and the expansion of digitization.

Redeia's initiative to produce the exhibition "to bring the energy transition closer to all the public simply and attractively and to raise public awareness of efficient and responsible electricity consumption" was applauded by the managing director of the Science Park Consortium, Luis Alcalá.

Redeia's regional delegate in Andalusia, Jorge Jiménez, emphasized that "it is crucial for businesses to get involved and follow society in this transformation process so that citizens become aware of the important role they play in the new model of energy use. At Redeia, we believe that this is the only way to place people at the center of a sustainable future, and this exhibition is an example of this.” Additionally, he says that "this initiative responds to the company's commitment to the territory and its citizens, just like the significant investments that its subsidiary, Red Eléctrica, has launched in Granada and Almeria, aimed at strengthening the electricity supply, enabling a high integration of renewables and new business developments, and feeding the highly-required railway axes in both provinces. In short, to provide a robust electricity system in this region.”

The recent commissioning of the Baza substation and the high-voltage line that connects it to the region around the city of Granada are two examples of these investments. These facilities will help boost economic development and meet the main challenges brought on by the province's new energy model.

Following its success at the Elder Science Museum in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Science and Cosmos Museum in Tenerife, which have each received over 100,000 visitors, the exhibition now arrives in the capital city of Granada. It will be open to the public until February 2024.

An immersive experience for all ages

The new exhibition is designed for the general public, families, and students with a triple objective: to educate visitors about the effects of the climate emergency; to explain the challenges of the energy transition and the sustainability commitments of the 2030 Agenda; and to convey to visitors the active role that consumers will play in the future.

The exhibition wants the visitor to be the protagonist, so upon arrival they will receive a QR code that will serve as a key to unlock the different contents along the journey through five sectors, which can be done in groups or individually. 

The first stop, dedicated to electricity and connectivity, seeks to immerse visitors in the world of energy and telecommunications through a series of fun games and experiments designed to teach visitors basic knowledge about the properties of energy or data transmission and images through telecommunications.

The second block leads the visitor to the exhibition's central area, which features a large model on which different scenarios of the "light path” are projected to show how the electrical system works. Besides, a virtual tour of the Electricity Control Center (Cecoel), the hub of the electrical system that Red Eléctrica manages to ensure a safe and quality supply at all times, is also available to visitors. 

In order to become a protagonist in the energy transition, it is crucial to understand it. Therefore, the third sector analyzes the challenges and commitments involved while explaining key aspects such as the integration of renewables or digital transformation.  

Finally, the last two spaces of the tour are dedicated to explaining the connection between the energy transition and the Sustainable Development Goals and to educating citizens about the active and leading role they should play in the new electricity system.

Additionally, visitors can participate in an online escape room game during the tour, where they experience an adventure full of unknowns related to the content covered in each module.