Commitment to equality
Redeia se incorpora a ClosinGap para impulsar el crecimiento económico a través de la igualdad de género
  • Redeia’s membership with ClosinGap represents the involvement of one of the main actors in the Spanish energy and telecommunications sectors.
  • Redeia will be responsible for analysing the economic impact of the gender divide in innovative entrepreneurship in Spain.
  • By joining the initiative, Redeia is moving forward with its aim of promoting a high-quality working environment based on ethical behaviour, respect, diversity and equality.

In its commitment to promoting equality and diversity as supporting values for the business since its creation, Redeia has joined ClosinGap to strengthen efforts to promote gender equality as a driver for economic growth.

Redeia’s collaboration with ClosinGap is based on the gender divide gap in entrepreneurship in Spain, with a focus on innovative entrepreneurship. Research on this topic is essential for understanding the obstacles that women face when engaging in innovative projects, and for creating policies that close this divide and promote equal opportunities.

In addition, the gender study on innovative entrepreneurship may also be beneficial for economic development, as involving more women in this field can contribute to greater economic growth and business competitiveness.

Redeia President, Beatriz Corredor, will become part of ClosinGap’s Board of Directors thanks to the group’s involvement. And Redeia People and Culture Director, Resurrección Barrio, will be the Legal Adviser.

According to Redeia President, Beatriz Corredor, ‘economic growth is based on three vectors: the ecological transition, digitalisation and talent. This last vector is essential for the success of the other two and, in this respect, women have a lot to offer. We cannot build a more sustainable future without the talent of half the population.’ In addition, she highlighted the importance of ‘promoting female talent in STEAM disciplines from the first stages of training,’ and the evidence that ‘women make businesses more profitable and innovative, increasing their ability to have a positive economic and social impact.’

Two of Redeia’s current gender equality objectives need to be highlighted: to increase women in leadership positions from 35.3% to 50% by 2030, and to increase the number of women in male-dominated technical roles. To achieve the first objective, the company is developing training, education and supportive actions through a programme called ‘Diversity and female leadership management.’ To achieve the second objective, Redeia has measures in place that promote the employment of women when looking for these job profiles. It also supports various initiatives that promote the inclusion of more young people on science and technology courses, such as the RedeSTEAM competition, part of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training STEAM Alliance for Female Talent.

Marieta Jiménez, President of ClosinGap and European President of Merck Healthcare, wanted to show how happy she was that Redeia had joined the initiative. ‘We at ClosinGap are proud that a company of Redeia's calibre has joined our initiative. This is a leading company in our country that will enable us to grow in our mission to generate knowledge and promote discussion about inequality between men and women, highlighting the impact that the loss of female talent has on the economy and society.