The Red Eléctrica Group will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030
  • This is one of the eleven sustainability goals that Red Eléctrica has set with a 2030 horizon in order to fight against global challenges such as the climate emergency or social inequality.
  • Among other goals, the Group will integrate 100% of renewable energy into the electricity system and work to achieve gender parity in the management team.

The Red Eléctrica Group has set eleven sustainability goals with a 2030 horizon within the framework of its Sustainability Commitment and in line with its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The Company has presented these goals as part of the conference entitled ‘Creating a sustainable future together. The challenge of the SDGs’, which was held today at its head office. The event was chaired by the Group's Chairman, Jordi Sevilla, and had the participation of the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda, Cristina Gallach, and the Director of the Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Carlos Mataix.

During the conference, Mr Sevilla highlighted the importance of having companies undertake firm commitments in the field of sustainability because "they are agents of global transformation and have to assume that responsibility".

Meanwhile, Cristina Gallach highlighted the progress made by Spain in this field. "In the last year, we have taken significant steps in the field of public policy, dissemination and the business fabric". Lastly, Mr Mataix stated that "the 2030 Agenda is the great plan of our civilisation to set the stage where, in ten years, we will have a much better quality of life".

11 goals for a sustainable future

The eleven goals encompass and contribute to achieving the four priorities of the Group in terms of sustainability by 2030: promote the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the economy; work towards establishing and achieving a responsible value chain; participate in the economic, environmental and social progress of the areas in which its facilities are located and promote a corporate culture of innovation and flexibility. This road map is fully aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations, which has recently celebrated four years since its approval.

For Jordi Sevilla, "these eleven goals are noteworthy for their aspirational character and because they manage to unite all our stakeholders towards a common purpose: to build a more sustainable future for everyone".

Decarbonisation of the economy

Among the goals, noteworthy are those aimed at facilitating the decarbonisation of the economy, given the role of Red Eléctrica as a proactive agent in the energy transition. In this regard, the Group undertakes to work towards an emission-free model, with a firm commitment to the electrification of the economy, the efficient integration of renewable energies and the development and operation of energy storage systems and also of a robust and better interconnected grid. Specifically, by 2030 the Company will work towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% and safely integrating 100% of the renewable energy available in the electricity system.

Responsible Value Chain

One of the key pillars of the Sustainability Commitment of the Group is its commitment to involve all the links in the value chain. The Company firmly believes that employees, suppliers and customers must be involved in order to bring about change. Therefore, one of the objectives will be to extend the emission reduction and biodiversity conservation goals of the Group throughout the supply chain. On the other hand, the Group will also continue to work so that in 2030 the financing that it obtains for developing and carrying out its activities is that of ‘green’ financing.

Contribution to the development of society and the environment

Since its inception, one of the Group's main focuses has been to contribute to the economic, environmental and social progress of society. With this in mind, each year the Company carries out numerous projects for environmental conservation and community wellbeing. In this regard, by 2030 Red Eléctrica will launch different initiatives to become a reference in gender equality and diversity. Specifically, the Company seeks to achieve gender parity within the management team and encourage the inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion. Similarly, among its goals the Company also contemplates generating a positive net impact of its facilities on the natural capital of the environment in which they are located and wants to completely eliminate the digital divide in its environment.

Anticipating change and taking action

The Red Eléctrica Group, aware of the importance of flexibility in adapting to changes, will promote a corporate culture of innovation that allows growth opportunities to be identified and thus enable the Company to get ahead of global trends.

In this way, the Company has set out a roadmap to become a leading technological player and a leader in circular economy. On the one hand, by 2030 it will promote a minimum of 120 technological innovation initiatives that promote telecommunications and the energy transition. On the other hand, it undertakes to ensure that the equipment and materials used in the Group's activities are manufactured with reused or recycled materials and that, at the end of their useful life, they be reused or recycled.

For more information, find out more details about the eleven objectives via this link.