Sustainability Objectives 2030

Within the framework of our Commitment to Sustainability, we have set eleven objectives ourselves with a 2030 horizon. These targets will enable us to measure compliance with the commitments set out in our four sustainability priorities: decarbonisation of the economy, responsible value chain, contribution to the development of surrounding areas and anticipation and action for change.

And why are we doing this? Because we understand that the purpose of companies should not be solely to generate economic return for shareholders. They have to promote a useful economy for people, defending the environment and actively fighting against the climate crisis. In short, creating value for all stakeholders (investors, suppliers, employees, shareholders and citizens), not for just a few.

These 2030 Sustainability Goals are aligned with the priorities of the Strategic Plan and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. The eleven objectives stand out due to their aspirational nature, their Group scope and the promotion of the collaboration and participation of stakeholders.

Sustainability Commitment 2030 - Our aspiration

Decarbonisation of the economy

We are committed to being a proactive agent in the energy transition towards an emissions-free model, based on the electrification of the economy and the efficient integration of renewable energy through a robust and better-connected network and the development and operation of energy storage systems.

Climate change

A 55% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to 2019

A 28% reduction in scope 3 emissions compared to 2019

Energy transition

Safely integrate 100 % of the renewable energy available to the electricity system: 74% of electricity generation from renewable sources

Empower society to be actively involved in the energy transition process

Sustainable financing


100% sustainable financing

Responsible value chain

We are committed to extending our responsibility to all the links in the value chain, from our employees to our suppliers and customers by forging alliances underpinned by our model of good governance and integrity.


Generate a positive net impact on the natural capital in the areas surrounding our installations

Circular economy

To be a leading company in the circular economy

In the Group: 0% waste in landfills

In the Group: 6.5m3 water consumption per employee per year in our workplaces


To drive change for our suppliers

At least 25 supplies with the greatest impact on the transmission grid to use circularity criteria (ACV), climate change, safety, diversity, and biodiversity

Development of the territory

We are committed to economic, environmental, and social progress in the environment, by providing an essential service in a secure and efficient way, fostering environmental conservation, enhancing people’s quality of life and social welfare and involving communities in the development of our activities so as to generate mutual rewards that are tangible to that community.


To be a leading company in gender equality

50% of the Redeia Board of Directors are women, as well as the group’s management team

Drive the inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion

Digital divide

Reduce the digital divide: Connect 100% of the people in the areas near our facilities

Anticipating change and taking action

We are building a corporate culture of innovation and flexibility that enables us to identify growth opportunities and tackle future challenges by staying ahead of and adapting to global trends and to the regulatory environment emerging from the new energy model.

Innovation and technology

Become a reference for technological innovation: Redeia adopts 64 innovative technological solutions to provide solutions to key issues for the group, providing tangible or intangible value.