Energy efficiency

Redeia continues to actively work on the promotion, development and dissemination of initiatives that allow the current electricity grid to evolve towards a more intelligent network characterised by greater flexibility of demand and by the integration into the electricity system of elements of the new model energy such as the energy storage or self-consumption.

Initiatives in the field of demand-side management and smart grids contribute to maintaining the guarantee and security of supply, promoting the integration of renewable energy, reducing emissions of polluting gases and promoting the sustainable use of energy, with the aim of achieving greater efficiency for the electricity system as a whole.

Main actions regarding

…Smart Grids

Initiatives in this field are aimed at anticipating solutions in the field of new energy storage technologies, dynamic capacities and the monitoring of grid elements, self-consumption, the electric vehicle and new consumer options, which are already shaping the electricity grid of the future.

…Future participation of the demand in the balancing services

The European Network Codes, especially the Electricity Balancing Guideline, and the Clean Energy Package highlight the contribution of demand flexibility as a key element for the energy transition. In this respect, Red Eléctrica is working to promote the opening up of the balancing services markets as a consequence of the European harmonisation process regarding ancillary services.

…the active citizen

In the transition to a new, more dynamic energy model, the role of citizens as key protagonists in system operation is becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, it is essential to promote initiatives to make information about the status of the electricity system available to the citizen or to disseminate recommendations on best practices for efficient consumption.