Contribution to social, economic and environmental development

Redeia contributes to local economic, environmental and social progress by providing essential services in the safest and most efficient way. It does this by promoting environmental conservation and improving the quality of life for people and their society and engaging communities in the growth of our business so as to generate mutual rewards that are tangible to that community.

Diversity and integration

At Redeia we believe in promoting diversity in the whole group in the widest sense (gender, age, abilities, etc), especially in personnel management, where it is vital to consolidate an inclusive culture, with equal opportunities and free of discrimination.

That is why our commitments for 2030 include maintaining a Board of Directors where 50% are women, and reaching the same percentage in the group’s management team, and promote the inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion.

What have we proposed for 2025?

Maintain a quota of 50% women in the Board of Directors of Redeia.

Reach a level of 38% women among the group’s directors.

Reach at least 40% of the legal percentage for direct hiring of disabled people.

Increase by 20% the volume handled through Special Employment Centres for providing services in Redeia.

Digital divide

Our installations are mainly located in rural areas, so we cannot overlook the needs of the most depopulated rural communities, such as access to quality connectivity to enable their social and economic development.

Through our subsidiaries Reintel, the largest dark fibre operator in our country, and Hispasat, the Spanish satellite operator, we are working intensely to create connectivity solutions for everyone, wherever they live, and guaranteeing that 100% of the people living near our infrastructure have connections before 2030.

What have we proposed for 2025?

Encourage the expansion of the optical fibre business for at least three local operators.

Deploy 100 Mbps with connectivity across all of Spain.