Responsible value chain

We want to extend our commitment to all the links in the value chain, from our employees to our suppliers and customers by forging alliances underpinned by our model of good governance and integrity.





At Redeia, we make our installations compatible with the environment, reducing our environmental impact on the territory and landscape as much as possible. For 2030, we are going a step further and committing ourselves to having a net positive impact on natural resources in the environment of our installations.

What have we proposed for 2025?

Mark 100% of the Red Eléctrica lines with bird protectors.

Commitment to protect vegetation and fight against deforestation in 100% of investment projects.


We are conscious of our role as agents of change to promote the circular economy and, we therefore seek to consolidate it. Our commitment is to become a leading company in efficient use of resources by 2030, with annual water consumption per employee of 6.5m3 at our sites and generating 0 landfill waste across all the Group companies.

What have we proposed for 2025?

Reduce landfill waste to 0 in Red Eléctrica.

Consume 6.5m3 of water per employee per year in Red Eléctrica workplaces.

Supplier management

Our suppliers are our allies in this journey towards sustainable development. They are directly involved in our business, so our Sustainability Plan 2023-2025 has traced a path to become a driver of change for them as well. Our contribution to the creation of a more sustainable future must be directly linked with the selection and control of our suppliers.

What have we proposed for 2025?


Make at least 10 supplies with the greatest impact on the transmission grid using circularity criteria (ACV), climate change, safety, diversity and biodiversity