Eje Digital

Eje Digital is a programme launched by the Fundación Cibervoluntarios and Red Eléctrica that supports the digitalisation of Spanish society by promoting the growth of rural areas and reducing inequalities.

This project offers tailored and free digital training in digital skills in order to boost local development in Spanish rural areas and to provide citizens, educational centres, SMEs, local entrepreneurs and municipal organisations with the necessary digital tools.​ ​

Digital skills have become a key lever for development and adaptation to the ongoing digital transformation process in the country.

The project's objective is to ensure that no one is left behind in technology.​

It aims to facilitate the digital transition of rural areas where Red Eléctrica is developing new infrastructure.

It promotes digitalisation as a pillar of social and economic cohesion that enhances competitiveness and fosters the development of your municipality.

By increasing digital skills among people living in these areas, the project aims to guarantee equal opportunities.

2022 Results

Four participating municipalities: Fermoselle (Zamora), Villarino de los Aires (Salamanca), Villamayor de Gállego (Zaragoza), and Puebla de Guzmán (Huelva)​.

384 individuals trained in 36 workshops , with 61% of them being women.​

Creation of digital and coworking spaces in each of the four municipalities.

On the Eje Digital website (Available only in Spanish), you will find detailed information about the different free courses offered within the project.

Our social innovation approach will contribute to reducing inequalities and fostering ‘living networks’ through the implementation of projects that are both inclusive and cutting-edge.

Fostering "living networks"