Alimentos_Solidarios is a pioneer and innovative initiative that Red Eléctrica and Fademur launched to mitigate the deeply serious economic and social consequences generated by the severe mobility and economic activities restrictions as a result of the declaration of the State of Alarm imposed by the COVID 19 health crisis.

Small agricultural and livestock farms, mostly family-based and with low profitability, were left in a critical situation as a result of the closure of their main customers’ activities, proximity markets, leaving them overnight with perishable fresh products that could not be sold.

It was designed and implemented with a triple objective

To maintain the wealth of rural areas, as well as food sovereignty.

To avoid the disappearance of rural employment by helping small family agriculture and livestock farms, mainly run by women, with economic difficulties due to the closure of their customers' activities.

To donate food and fresh products to social institutions, close to manufacturing sites, throughout the national territory; this helps families and vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion.

The project is aligned with the different lines of action in which the Group works to build a sustainable and fair future: to fight against depopulation, to keep economic activity in rural areas, to promote sustainable production and consumption diversity, to minimize the carbon footprint, to promote gender equality and to fight against hunger.

The initiative wove a solidarity proximity network in which 70 family manufacturers and farms and 71 recipient social organizations worked hand in hand to send this food where it was needed the most.

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Our social innovation approach will contribute to reducing inequalities and fostering ‘living networks’ through the implementation of projects that are both inclusive and cutting-edge.

Fostering "living networks"