Dialogue and transparency

We promote dialogue with our employees through two complementary channels. The first is structured through the implementation of various channels and direct internal communication actions with employees, and the second, through dialogue with the representatives of the workers.

Promoting dissemination and open listening channels is the starting point for implementing the internal communication plans and actions through which Red Eléctrica seeks to improve the working climate, promote the integration of people, increase employees’ pride of belonging and contribute to the success of the business objectives.

Main communication actions

  • Social climate and commitment survey.
  • Social climate and commitment survey.
  • Service satisfaction surveys.
  • Communication plans for corporate projects.
  • Promotion of activities outside work.
  • Work, social and entertainment communities.

Main channels of communication

  • Corporate portal miRED.
  • Employee helpline (RH2000).
  • Employee self-service.
  • Internal communication area.
  • Activity follow-up interview.
  • Groups focused on the analysis of diverse situations.

Dialogue with employee representatives is carried out through various channels such as panels, committees and other dialogue mechanisms. The main regulatory framework for labour relations between Red Eléctrica and its employees is the applicable labour law, the collective bargaining agreement in force at each moment and other agreements between the social and business representation on various matters that are also applicable.