Decarbonisation of the economy

We are the backbone of ecological transition, so we understand that it is a priority to advance towards an emissions-free model. We support the electrification of the economy and the efficient integration of renewable energies through the development of a robust network with better connections and the power of storage systems.

Ecological transition

As managers of global infrastructures, we are a key player in the ecological transition. With our subsidiary Red Eléctrica, we make possible the mass integration of renewables in the electricity system, and we create the infrastructures needed to achieve a carbon-neutral economy.

Our commitment for 2030 is to safely integrate 100% of the renewable energy available to the electricity system, and contribute to ensuring that 74% of the generation mix is renewable. Our role is as important on the road to ecological transition as that of the citizens themselves, who we empower to become active agents in our energy model.

What have we proposed for 2025?

Integrate more then 60% renewable energy in the electricity generation mix.

Bring the ecological transition to the citizens through our platforms: REData and RedOS.

Expand access to the Datahub in accordance with the regulations.

Climate change

The fight against global warming and its effect is a duty shared by the society, all administrations, and companies. For our part, we are committed to reducing 55% of our scope 1 and 2 emissions, and 28% of scope 3 in 2030, compared with 2019.

To advance towards this goal, our Sustainability Plan 2023-2025 sets up internal actions and with third parties to reduce and compensate our greenhouse gas emissions. We will do this by imposing energy efficiency measures, improving processes, and developing solutions to lower our impact.

What have we proposed for 2025?

Reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30%.

Have at least two thirds of our suppliers (in terms of emissions) with targets approved by SBTi.

Offset 100% of our scope 1 emissions.

Sustainable financing

We are committed to having 100% sustainable financing for 2030. Since we became the first company in the utilities sector to transform our syndicated loan of 800 million euros to green financing, we have not stopped looking for sustainable vehicles to finance our projects, such as our Green Financing Framework and its conformity to the European Union Standards, under which 82% of our business is environmentally sustainable.

What have we proposed for 2025?


Having 60% sustainable financing.