Stable and quality employment

Attracting, motivating and developing talent in the Group, as well as promoting and undertaking commitments regarding the wellbeing of the people who make up the Red Eléctrica workforce, are key elements to successfully contribute to the fulfilment and achievement of Company’s business objectives.

Red Eléctrica’s Human Resources Master Plan is linked to the Company's strategy and is based on five essential principles that promote an atmosphere of commitment, sustainability and good social climate.

  • 1Efficiency
  • 2Equal opportunity
  • 3Work-life balance
  • 4Respect for diversity
  • 5Fair and personalised treatment for all professionals/staff/employees

We seek highly qualified, committed and innovative professionals

We identify the most suitable people through a transparent and objective process based on the following criteria: compliance with labour legislation, equality and non-discrimination, transparency, confidentiality, promotion of internal rotation and stability in contracting.

External recruiting of new professionals is done through the "Carreras" section of our corporate website and via digital employment platforms. Additionally, we are present in job fairs and forums.

Furthermore, we develop cooperation projects with the education sector through an internship programme which offers students or recent graduates the possibility of doing hands-on practice in the Company.

We offer stable and quality employment

We offer stable and quality employment, as well as attractive professional development scheme. We are committed to employability and functional mobility as a lever for growth and professional development.

At Red Eléctrica, we define our workforce needs in accordance with the principles and values of responsible business management. For that reason, the sizing of the workforce is rigorously determined, based on criteria of sustainability and efficiency. As a consequence of this high level of commitment, we maintain a sustained growth path of employment via an employment model of offering indefinite contracts resulting in a very low level of undesired turnover rates.

We seek a remuneration model that is fair and market competitive

Rewarding employees in order to attract, motivate and retain them, implies the need to have in place a fair and competitive remuneration strategy that offers an attractive total rewards package.

Red Eléctrica’s remuneration model is structured on a fixed salary scheme, within broad salary bands, and an extraordinary bonus that recognises the most outstanding contributions.

In addition, we offer all our employees other non-monetary compensation (benefits in kind) which we have defined in a series of products such as health insurance, pension plan, life insurance, luncheon vouchers, participation in the Company's share purchase plan, etc.

As part of the commitment of the Group to employee mobility and professional development, we have a Guide for International Assignments that promotes the international mobility of our employees from a perspective of salary progression, promotes internal equity and career development and meets not only the needs of the employee but also those of their family unit.