2023 Sustainability Conference

Held on October 17 and 18, we talked about social impact strategies, the challenges of climate change, the opportunities of ecological and digital transformation and the challenges of the rural environment, among other key aspects.

Redeia publish this first Impact Report. The Report has two objectives: to provide an overview of the shared social value generated by Redeia in the environment in which it operates and to explain how the company manages its impacts.

Sustainability Report 2022

This Report reflects the Company's commitment and contribution to sustainable development and its ability to face global challenges.

Sustainability plan 2023-2025

We don’t have Planet B, so we have approved our Sustainability Plan 2023-2025 which quantifies 87 goals, and 190 actions.

Sustainability plan 2023-2025
Blog Red2030

Action, Sustainability, Committment!

Our blog on the 2030 Agenda and Energy Transition. Available only in Spanish.