We make our electricity facilities bird-friendly

Electricity transmission facilities (lines and substations) interact with all environmental elements, including wildlife and especially birds.

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More than 25 years of applied research

Regarding collision

  • We identify, characterise and map the routes and flight paths of birds that interact with transmission lines.
  • We install bird-saving devices on the grounding wires of electricity lines to increase the visibility of the cable and we check their effectiveness. Red Eléctrica has designed and uses two bird-saving models:
    • Bird-saving spiral
    • X-shaped bird-saving device
  • We carry out field monitoring of the installed measures by using a methodology designed by Red Eléctrica and verified by experts.

Regarding nesting

  • We design the nesting predictive tool
  • We install nesting deterrents
  • We install artificial nesting boxes on electricity towers and on substation buildings

About Bird-saving spiral

Click here if you want to read about efficacy of different types of “bird flight diverter” in the transmission power lines.

Video is only available in Spanish