Fire prevention

We have a Forestry Management Policy that sets out the criteria for working in this field and the objectives to be achieved in the coming years.

Predictive actions

  • We design the safety corridor of new facilities so as to meet the safety clearance distances between vegetation and facilities that are established in the legislation in force.
  • We perform vegetation studies using data obtained from LIDAR flights (Light Detection and Ranging).
  • Annually we conduct inspections of all our facilities using different methodologies: on foot, aerial, LIDAR flights.


Preventive actions

  • We carry out periodic tree surgery (felling and pruning) in the proximity of all our facilities to ensure compliance with the safety clearance distance, reducing fire risk to the maximum.
  • We cooperate with public administrations. We sign collaboration agreements with the relevant administrations to develop measures and strategies for forest fire fighting and prevention.

Training and raising awareness

  • We hold roundtable sessions with forestry agents, members of SEPRONA and environmental technicians of the public administrations regarding electricity facilities and forest fire fighting and prevention.