Every hour five people leave rural areas, which represents an extremely challenging situation for the life of the villages and regions with an already reduced number of inhabitants.

Aware of this situation, Red Eléctrica has joined AlmaNatura - a social enterprise which designs transformative learning experiences, among other functions, aimed at managing population settlement and revaluing rural life through technology, education, employment and health - to contribute to the launching and implementation of the ‘Holapueblo' social innovation pilot scheme.

The project is introduced on a digital platform (www.holapueblo.com), aimed at promoting the creation of ecosystems to encourage social enterprise and social innovation in sparsely populated rural areas, aimed at connecting people who are interested in setting up a business in a rural area with municipalities that are looking for new residents.

The initiative is aimed at helping reverse the depopulation process of the rural environment by connecting town halls with population needs and committed to attracting new inhabitants to their territory, with entrepreneurs interested in carrying out their business and life plans in rural areas, who will join to meet their mutual needs.

In March 2022 AlmaNatura has launched the 3rd edition of Holapueblo, with the support of Redeia and IKEA and the collaboration of Correos and Triodos Bank.

In this edition, as a novelty, Holapueblo also offers support to people who wish to live in the countryside but work for others. To this end, it will facilitate the recruitment of unemployed people in small companies in the participating municipalities that have vacancies by accompanying them through a personalised job placement itinerary.

The benefits of participating in the project are:

  • Registered municipalities.
    • Diagnosis of current needs to identify areas of opportunities and resources
    • Increased visibility and promotion of the municipality through the project website
    • Connect with entrepreneurs looking for a municipality in which to implement their business model
    • Access to a call for proposals for the revitalisation of municipal spaces that serve to revitalise the population
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Individual mentoring sessions aimed at developing business plans
    • Support services to find a municipality by means of contacting the collaborating entities
    • Online community on the holapueblo.com platform
    • Access to Correos Market, the online platform that promotes and commercialises products made, created or processed by Spanish companies
    • Access to a crowdfunding platform to boost the creation and consolidation of businesses through citizen and institutional financial support
Impact Holapueblo
Town Halls assisted
projects mentored
life changes
businesses in operation

Our social innovation approach will contribute to reducing inequalities and fostering ‘living networks’ through the implementation of projects that are both inclusive and cutting-edge.

Fostering "living networks"