The delegate for the Government in Madrid visits the head offices of Red Eléctrica de España to learn about the status of the electricity system in the region

The delegate for the Government in Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, visited the National Electricity Control Centre (Cecoel) at the head offices of Red Eléctrica de España accompanied by the Chairman of the company, José Folgado, who presented her the characteristics of the electricity system in the Community of Madrid. The delegate was very interested in the transmission grid in the region and expressed her willingness to continue collaborating in the efforts geared at strengthening both the preventive measures and the protocols for joint action with the state security forces and bodies.

Mr. Folgado explained that the autonomous community of Madrid has a greater need for electricity transmission facilities as it is very energy demanding, due to its high population density, and the fact that the electricity generation in the community is insufficient to meet consumer needs. In this regard, the Chairman of Red Eléctrica said the region only produces 6% of its electricity demand, which accounts for 12.1% of the total consumption on the peninsula. The Community of Madrid produces little less than 0.7% of the total generation.

As a large energy consumer, the region currently is dependent on a robust and meshed transmission grid of 876 km of 400 kilovolt (kV) lines and 1,124 km of 220 kV, in order to bring energy from any generation point. In addition, Red Eléctrica is strengthening the grid connection between this community and that of Castilla y León through the new Tordesillas-Galapagar-San Sebastian de los Reyes axis. Madrid, like all large cities, is specially strengthened through two electric loops of 400 and 220 kV that guarantee the connectivity between the city and the rest of the country.

During the visit, the Government delegate also showed interest in the Control Centre of Renewable Energies (Cecre), a key instrument for the management of renewable energy, as it is the only centre in the world dedicated to the safe integration of these sources energy.