On occasion of the World Energy Efficiency Day
Red Eléctrica presents recognition awards to their energy efficiency projects in 2015

The Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, José Folgado, CEO, Juan Lasala, and Corporate Director of Sustainability, Innovation and Institutional Coordination, Ana Cuevas, have today presented the recognition awards for energy efficiency projects in 2015 in the Fourth Edition of the Red Eléctrica eficiente Recognition Awards, an annual campaign launched to promote all initiatives in different areas of the Company aimed at reducing both the consumption of natural resources and CO2 emissions.

The Red Eléctrica eficiente seal has been up and running for eight years to promote the development of good practices regarding the responsible use of energy by means of projects that the encourage sustainability and energy efficiency as strategic axes of Red Eléctrica and which are developed by the different units of the Company.

In this fourth edition, Red Eléctrica efficient has identified six new projects and has grouped them into three categories: implementation of measures; innovation, and communication and awareness.

Award winning projects

In the ‘Implementation of measures’ category, the recognition was awarded to the ‘Sustainable Stock’ project: a project that has developed a tool to deal with inactive, obsolete or over-stocked materials and that allows their management in a more sustainable way, rather than directly managing it as waste, seeking the greatest economic efficiency possible.

In the ‘Innovation’ category, the recognition was awarded to the ‘Automatic real-time management of the El Hierro hydro-wind power station’. The project has developed a monitoring tool that provides support to the operator of the Red Eléctrica de España control centre in the Canary Islands, and which minimises the response time and maximises the integration of non-manageable renewable energies into the energy mix of the island, under safe conditions for the system.

In the ‘Communication and awareness’ category, the recognition was awarded to the REDCOM project, which consist in expanding the use of the communication tool Microsoft Lync not only in number of users but also in the use of its functionalities. Thus, virtual meetings and the use of instant messaging can be managed, enabling to reduce travel and hence decreasing CO2 emissions.

Other new initiatives identified

Along with the projects that received the recognition awards, Red Eléctrica eficiente has identified three initiatives that add to the Company's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.

In the ‘Implementing measures’ category, the project ‘Efficiency in the DPC of the Balearic Islands’ performs continuous energy audits of the two Data Processing Centres (DPC) located at the head offices of Red Eléctrica de España in Palma de Mallorca, to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in these facilities.

On the other hand, in the ‘Innovation’ category, two projects have been identified. The first project, ‘Electric Vehicle Control Centre (CECOVEL)’ is the control centre where Red Eléctrica integrates, under safe conditions, the impact that the massive deployment of electric vehicles will have on the electricity system.

The second project, ‘New forecast tool for peninsular and non-peninsular demand’, consist in the development of new tools for forecasting electricity demand, which has a direct influence on reducing the use of system adjustment services; it reduces operating costs and implies a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Red Eléctrica de España, as the sole transmission agent and operator of the electricity system, has a very important role in the development of a more efficient and competitive sustainable electricity system, and the achievement of European targets regarding energy and climate change.


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