Red Eléctrica incorporates a fleet of efficient vehicles

Red Eléctrica de España has made a fleet of 12 electric vehicles available to employees at its head offices in Madrid for localised travel during the workday. This measure is part of the Company’s commitment to the use of efficient vehicles as set out in its Sustainable Mobility Plan, which has been up and running since early 2015. With this initiative, Red Eléctrica shows its commitment to sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

With this fleet, employees of Red Eléctrica can benefit from other advantages of using efficient vehicles in Madrid such as access to restricted driving areas in the city centre, free parking in a regulated parking area or driving in the Bus-HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicle).

In addition, the management team also has efficient vehicles and an internal network of charging points has been installed in the Company’s work centres.

With regard to the fleet of vehicles intended for the maintenance and construction of its facilities, Red Eléctrica is in a process of analysis and change to incorporate hybrid vehicles into the fleet. The objective within three years is to have a fleet of vehicles that are as efficient as possible.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan, approved by the Management Committee in December 2014, reflects the commitment of the Company to incorporate a new culture of efficient mobility and that generates less pollution. With this plan, it aims to promote the use of efficient vehicles; rationalise the use of private vehicles; implement fuel-saving measures, raise awareness and provide training about the importance of making an efficient use of transportation. In doing so, it will also enable a reduction in CO2 emission, energy consumption and also noise pollution.

The implementation and development of the Sustainable Mobility Plan will help meet the challenges posed by the climate change strategy of the Company, promote energy efficiency, improve the quality of life of employees and boost the positioning of Red Eléctrica as a company committed to sustainable development and innovation.


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