Power transmission and its environmental impact

The presentation ceremony, held at the Ministry, was led by of the General Manager of Quality and Environmental Assessment and the Natural Environment, Guillermina Yanguas, and Red Eléctrica's General Manager of Transmission, Carlos Collantes.

The book, which has been coordinated by the socio-ecologist Ramón Folch and edited by the Spanish Association of Environmental Impact Assessment, aims to promote a new way of understanding the environmental assessment to which electricity transmission lines and associated substations are subject to. The purpose is to provide an assessment which is as objective and as contextualised as possible, not only from the point of view of understanding the scope in which the projects are encompassed, but also from the perspective of the analysis proposal and the methodological approach and permitting proceedings, that can contribute to carrying out a more efficient assessment process.

The study counted on the participation of representatives of all autonomous regions and the Ministry of the Environment. The 116 participants, with experience in environmental matters, have brought forth the concerns and opinions of each regional administration at the working sessions on environmental impact and electrical power lines organised by Red Eléctrica for this purpose.

The publication is aimed at all those parties involved in the environmental assessment process of electricity transmission infrastructures, such as consulting firms and environmental entities of the state and regional administration responsible for this assessment, as well as Red Eléctrica the promoter.

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