Gender Equality Index (GEI) 2023
Once again, Redeia ranks among the benchmark companies in gender equality, according to Bloomberg
  • The company is one of 23 Spanish companies and 41 utilities worldwide that have passed the threshold for inclusion in the 2023 Gender Equality Index
  • The rating of Redeia is particularly high in terms of measures to promote equal pay and to prevent and combat harassment

Bloomberg has once again included Redeia in its Gender Equality Index (GEI), giving special consideration to the performance of the company in terms of measures to promote equal pay and policies to prevent and combat harassment. 

Redeia is one of the 23 Spanish companies that have passed the threshold to enter the 2023 edition of the GEI, published today by Bloomberg. This year, this global benchmark ranking includes 484 companies with a combined market capitalisation of 16 trillion dollars, based in 45 countries and regions, and belonging to 11 economic sectors, including 41 companies in the utilities sector.

"It has never been more crucial for companies to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality to their stakeholders. The Bloomberg Gender Equality Index provides us with an opportunity to be transparent and demonstrate how we promote equality among our workforce and in the communities in which we operate, and this helps us attract investment. It is therefore excellent news to continue to be part of this index”, explained Eva Pagán, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Research at Redeia.

Peter T. Grauer, president of Bloomberg, added: "While it is encouraging to see more companies around the world showing their commitment to inclusion, we are still a long way from making gender equality a global corporate standard. The GEI framework is an important tool that companies can use to mark their progress on inclusion and drive social change. We would like to extend our thanks to all the companies that have participated in this edition. Their participation and transparency help to create better workplaces".

To determine whether a company is included in the GEI, Bloomberg evaluates the performance of companies in five areas: female leadership and talent, equal pay, inclusive culture, anti-harassment policies and pro-women branding. Redeia outperforms the global average in almost all areas, and in the case of equal pay, anti-harassment policies and leadership, the company is also above the Spanish average and that of its peers (utilities).

Actions to promote equality in Redeia

Gender equality is part of the founding values of Redeia, which currently has a comprehensive Diversity Plan and equality plans in its subsidiaries with specific measures to improve the recruitment, promotion, training, professional classification and remuneration of its female employees, as well as specific actions on conciliation and gender violence.

With a fully balanced board of directors and executive committee, the objectives of Redeia include raising the percentage of female managers from 35.5% to 38% in 2025 and to 50% in 2030. 

To achieve this, it has launched the Diversity Management and Women's Leadership programme, which offers awareness-raising and support training actions that allow diversity to be addressed from different perspectives in order to promote equality and boost the development of diverse talent in the organisation.

Redeia has set out to increase the presence of female talent in technical positions that have historically been male-dominated, such as those linked to energy and telecommunications. To this end, it has incorporated initiatives to promote the recruitment of women when looking for these profiles. In addition, it is supporting different initiatives that encourage the incorporation of younger women into scientific and technological careers, such as the RedeSTEAM competition, aimed at girls in the 3rd year of ESO and which is part of the STEAM Alliance for female talent Girls in Science of the Ministry of Education.