Below you will find a series of indicators that make relevant information available and that allows the socially responsible investor to obtain more information about those ethical, social and environmental elements considered necessary when making investment decisions, and that is complementary data to the traditional economic and financial criteria.

Summary key indicators of sustainability:

Summary key indicators of sustainability
  • Economic value generated
  • Shares
  • Economic and solvency ratios
xls Economic 2010-2021, 2021/12/31 (XLSX 139 Kb).
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change and energy efficiency
  • Environmental management
xls Environmental 2010-2021, 2021/12/31 (XLSX 143 Kb).
Good governance
  • Board of Directors and Remuneration
  • Code of Ethics
  • Risk analysis and performance indicators
xls Good governance 2010-2021, 2021/12/31 (XLSX 140 Kb).
  • Employees
  • Relationship with the community
  • Human Rights
xls Social 2010-2021, 2021/12/31 (XLSX 144 Kb).
  • Transmission grid development
  • Quality and security of supply
  • Energy efficiency, demand-side management, development and innovation
xls Business 2010-2021, 2021/12/31 (XLSX 146 Kb).